NAFMA Nationals May 24 & 25, 2019

Datu’s Tribe took a road trip to Atlantic City, NJ to compete in the NAFMA Nationals on May 24 & 25, 2019.  The competition was tough, but the team stepped up to the challenge of a Nationals tournament and many showed personal bests in forms or fighting.  After the tournament the team found time for some fun exploring Atlantic City, chilling out at the pool, and splashing in the Pacific Ocean.
We are very proud of our Team Accomplishments:
Aaron – 4th in High Kick, 4th in Stick Fighting, 5th in Point Fighting

Dylan – 1st in Point Fighting, 2nd in Open Forms, 4th in Stick Fighting

Jake – 2nd in Point Fighting, 3rd in Open Forms

Nicholas – 2nd in High Kick, 2nd in Stick Fighting

Patrick – 5th in Stick Fighting

Ryan – 4th in Open Forms, 5th in Open Weapons

Shaiya – 1st in Stick Fighting, 2nd in Open Forms, 3rd in Point Fighting, 4th in Open Weapons

Tyler – 4th in Open Forms, 4th in Open Weapons

Datu Tim – 2nd in Stick Fighting, 2nd in Open Weapons, 2nd in Open Forms, 4th in Traditional Forms